RSEPL....Fulfilling Expectations

Product Features

We would mention here that we intend to sensitize the end users that an elevator is an equipment that has to transfer living beings and thus must be equipped with all the necessary safeties to ensure safe passenger transfer. Since we value passenger safety more than anything else, our equipment is designed to ensure the same complying to the relevant IS codes and all the necessary safety features incorporated in the equipment. We would like to highlight some of the safety aspects incorporated in the equipment are as under;

1. Microprocessor based control for AA ride comfort and leveling accuracy better than +/-5mm.
2. Full height multi-beam infrared curtain as door safety for safe people transfer at landings.
3. Direction and position display in the car and at all landings with options of touch screen signalizations.
4. Car constructed out of sheet steel with ventilation louvers with options of full height glass doors/ vision panels etc.
5. Automatic phase correction device
6. Load weighing device
7. Door open and door close buttons in the car
8. Alarm button in the car
9. Light and Fan supervision
10. Press & speak intercom in the car