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Elevator Planning Guide

Notes :-

  All the above dimensional details are considering rated elevator speed upto 1.0m/sec.

  Generally the ropping arrangement for geared will be 1:1 and for gearless be 2:1.

  The standard door height will be 2000mm and ceiling height will be 2150mm.

  The maximum shaft dimensions will be minimum shaft dimensions (+) 75mm and the shaft tolerance should be (+)25mm.

  For machine room elevator the machine room dimensions should be (Well Width+1000mm)*(Well Depth+1500mm) or in viseversa.

  The pit dimensions of speeds of 1.0m/sec is 1600mm and lower than that is 1350mm.

  The head rppm dimensions of speeds of 1.0m/sec is 4250mm and lower than that is 4000mm.

  We may be contacted for reactive loads on the machine room slab and pit.

  We may be approached in case the requirement is different than mentioned here.