RSEPL....Fulfilling Expectations

Business Strategy

Our new equipment business strategy is based on product differentiation which revolves around market segmentation. Through product differentiation we cover all the major segments like mentioned as under :

  1. Residential segment
  2. This segment includes, mid rise, low rise, villas/home & pent house. We offer technologically most advanced equipment, safety features included, keeping in view the application as mentioned above and the specific requirement of the customers. Special concentration is on the aesthetics as the application is for personal usage in many cases and the likings vary which is fulfilled by having varied aesthetic options.

  3. Office
  4. In this segment the equipment has to be designed for longer and continuous operational time and also the requirement could be for high inter floor traffic handling. Thus the offerings are in line with this general requirement and service support is provided keeping in view the operational time. The aesthetics and the requirements of the passengers for ease of travel is specially addressed with necessary customisation.

  5. Retail
  6. In this segment the requirement is for strategic and effective movement of the passengers. The equipment is designed to support and guide passenger flows. Thus also ensures no bottle necks even during high foot fall in the building which is very common in this segment.

  7. Medical
  8. In this segment the requirement are changing as the rise of the hospitals is increasing. Thus the requirement is for extra smooth ride with optimum speed. The equipment is supplied in line with the requirement keeping in view the IS requirements.

  9. Hotel
  10. In this segment the requirement is more customised in terms of aesthetics while ride has to be extra smooth. The offering has been designed to ensure the same. The requirement of signalisation is entirely different thus the offering of the same is not in line with other segments and live data LCD signalisations can be offered if required.